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  • Pfiedler


    I have another issue related to intercom connections between the 20S and the SMH10B. I own two SMH10B units which I had prior to purchasing my pair of 20S units. When I pair up the 20S with the SMH10B and activate the intercom (tap once on the jog wheel), I get a very rapid connection but also a very annoying buzzing on the 20S while the two units are communicating. My wife reports that there is NO buzz noted on the SMH10B side. I also get a low-level buzz when the BMW NAV V GPS sends route information to the 20S. Even after the NAV V has provided the turn information, there remains a slight buzz on the 20S for about 10-15 seconds until the 20S again becomes quiet.

    Thought this might be helpful is any SENA techs are reading these forum messages. I've also submitted a ticket on this issue but have heard nothing yet. Ticket submitted about a week ago.


  • Jmrbounce
    This is my recent issue I wrote to Sina regarding my 20s connected with my friends smh10r:
    I purchased my 20s new two weeks ago at Road Rider in San Jose. I updated the firmware to the latest 1.1.1. The 3 users I was connected to all have SMH10R units which have had their firmware updated. While on several rides, I am the only one having issues with group chat. While connected to all three of the SMH10R's, my 20s is constantly being dropped out of the group chat and reconnecting is not possible unless we all repair again. While being connected, I am the only one with static on my end through the speakers or headphones.
    Here's our process for pairing:
    1) I press and hold my Jog dial for 6 seconds for pairing to activate
    2) The 3 SMH10R users are holding their Sena center button for 6 seconds for pairing to activate
    3) After about 30-60 seconds, we are all connected to each other and in a group chat

    When the first person connects with me is when the static / buzzing sound comes in on my side through my speakers and/or headphones (I've switched from speakers to headphone ear buds). When trying to reconnect by selecting the users via pressing the jog dial, I get a message "intercom failed." I have confirmed with the 3 SMH10R users that they are all still connected and talking while I have been dropped out of their group chat. I spoke with Roger Hanne from Sena on 8/16 at Road Rider and he recommended I contact tech support. I expressed that I am not happy with this unit and am considering returning it for the SMH10R. I also have adjusted my motion sensitivity to "High", however while riding, the tap feature only works intermittently as well as voice activation being intermittent.
  • Jmrbounce
    Here's what I got back: I've already completed this process of resetting but I have not been on a group ride yet to test.
    Thank you for contacting Sena.

    Please make sure that the 20S antenna is always up, especially when using it with intercom.

    Sena also recommends that you perform a factory reset after a firmware update on the 20S.

    1. To restore the 20S to factory default settings, press and hold
    the Phone Button for 12 seconds until the LED shows solid red
    and you hear double beeps. You will hear a voice prompt saying
    “Factory reset”.
    2. Within 5 seconds, press the Jog Dial to confirm reset. The headset
    will be restored to factory setting and switched off automatically.
    You will hear a voice prompt saying “Headset reset, good-bye”.

    You will need to re do the intercom pairing with the SMH10R in your group.


    Sena Technologies, Inc
  • JD
    Hi guys,
    My friend and I each have zumo' sand S20's. When we ride together and both have routing on, we couldn't share a sentence before either Zumo interupts the conversation.

    So I simply muted mine (since he usually rides in front). Interuptions still occur, but as expected.

    I'm used to riding without vocal instructions, so looking at the screen and memorizing the next few steps is easy. I'd support my mate putting his zumo on silence too.

    So this way you can keep routing on but there won't be any interruptions.
  • Phil Kimbro
    Phil Kimbro

    20s to SMH10 noise

    I’ve been experiencing what I would call “digital” noise when communicating with the SMH10 form my 20s. I would call this a moderate quality reduction.

    We added another 20s user to our group is (2) 20s headsets + (1) SMH10. (3 users)

    Here’s what happens:

    20s(1) to 20s(2); sound quality is good

    20s(1) to SMH10 – fair to good but noisier

    Group comm 20s(1)+20s(2)+ SMH10 very noisy

    So we recorded a few tests:

    Test 1:

    20s(1) calls 20s(2) then calls SMH10 creating 3 person comm -  quality is horrible

     Test 2:

    20s(1) calls 20s(2), then SMH10 calls into group: COMM IS GOOD when done this way…which is a hassle.

    I have audio recordings of tests 1 and 2.

    Please advise



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