Difficulty pairing S20 and SMH10

I've been using the SMH10 for awhile, and have an S20 and an SMH10 now.

It was always awkward to get the SMH10s paired.  You get both units into pairing mode and tap one of them and ... wait and hope for the best.  Often (half the time or more) it doesn't pair, and there's no indication why not.  When it does pair, there's no indication other than talking now works that the pairing happened.

After upgrading to an S20 the situation is much worse; pairing success rate is very low.  I haven't tried S20 to S20, but I've literally spent ten minutes trying to get an S20 and SMH10 paired.

Sometimes I wonder if some of the problem is pure impatience.  I have no idea how long it *should* take for the pairing to complete once the button is tapped.  So, after maybe fifteen or thirty seconds or whatnot, one or the other of us attempting to pair is likely to try tapping the button again.  I suspect this confuses things.

Question:  How long *should* pairing take between SMH10s and between an SMH10 and S20?  Which is to say, is this likely to be more reliable if I am very careful not to touch either unit after the jog-dial tap to initiate pairing?

Question: If you tap the jog dial to start the pairing, and tap it again because you don't know if it's actually doing anything, does that mess up the process?  Similarly, if A taps his unit, and B taps hers, is that guaranteed to fail?

Question: After headset pairing is successful, the S20 (at least with 1.1 firmware) appears to reset and reacquire the other bluetooth devices like phone and GPS.  Is that expected?

Suggestion: When one of the headsets has its job button tapped to attempt pairing, have the voice say "attempting to pair".  Similarly, after pairing completes have the voice say "pairing successful".  Currently there is no indication at all that the unit is actually attempting to pair, and the only indication that it worked is that you can now speak.  I'd like positive indication of the state of things.  Also, if at all possible, it would be nice if the unit that wasn't tapped has some indication that it is talking to the other unit, like "pairing in progress".

Suggestion: On the S20, provide pairing controls and in-progress status on the phone app.  It's nice that you list the pairings once made, but having the ability to control pairing initiation and display the status as the pairing process progresses would be immensely helpful.

Suggestion: While holding the jog dial button down to start the pairing process, do not start playing the music two seconds into the press.  I end up fumbling with the phone to turn the music off because I don't want to mess with the headset while trying to get headset pairing established, since I have no idea what might or might not interfere with the process.

Suggestion: Include some kind of unit identifier with the pairing information, so that it's easier to identify whose unit is whose on the phone.  Maybe the last few digits of the unit's MAC address?  That can be read from the label on the unit, so it would be a good ID.  Or provide a way to name the unit in the configuration so that when it pairs it advertises its configured name rather than the generic unit model.  I have six or seven units listed in the pairing list on my phone, but I can't identify which ones they are.

Suggestion: Provide a way to show currently active pairings on the phone.  I have seven units listed, but I know six aren't present, and I can't figure out which one the present unit is.  (This means I can't guess to rename them, too.)  Even something as simple as flagging which pairings have been used since the unit was turned on would go a loooong way towards figuring out whose unit belongs to which pairing in the list on the phone.

Thanks for any answers to the questions, and for paying attention to the suggestions.


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