Replacement 20s MUCH BETTER

For those of you having problems with the latch, the plastic cover, the FM radio, or the battery life on your 20s, Sena replaced my 2 units with serial numbers 1501xxxx. These new units are WAY better than the first ones serials 14xxxxx. The latch is fixed. Period. The FM works perfectly now. The battery on my old ones would die overnight even after turning the units off. Problem has been fixed. They now last months if turned off. The plastic cover seems much sturdier.

Overall the product has been fixed and works perfectly. I have put about 1000 miles on my units so far over about 2 months and I see no problems. The intercoms work perfectly, the volume is a bit low at speed though but a minor complaint.

Keep in mind that Sena's warranty is 2 years so get an RMA and get your units in before it runs out. Totally worth it.

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