Pairing the 20S with the Handlebar Remote


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  • Pfiedler

    Press the joystick, rear button and front button all together for 1 second. This will force a factory reset. To pair the remote with the 20S, press the rear button for 5 seconds until you see the status LED flashing red/blue. On the 20S, press the Jog Dial for 12 seconds to enter the configuration menu. Rotate the Jog Dial until you hear a voice prompt saying, “Remote control pairing”. Press the Phone Button to enter into Remote Control Pairing mode and the red LED will flash rapidly and you will hear multiple beeps. The 20S will automatically perform pairing with the Handlebar Remote in pairing mode. The Handlebar Remote’s LED will flash blue every two seconds when they are successfully connected.

    Hope this helps.

  • Marc Woo
    Marc Woo

    You can refer to this F.A.Q. on how to pair the Sena Handlebar Remote to the 20S.


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