Can I pair my sr10 with my 20s so that it mixes with phone audio (music)

My 20S is paired with my android phone as a mobile phone.

I have tried pairing the SR10 to the 20S as a second phone and as a gps but either way it makes the phone audio cut out. when the SR10 is active (sending audio).

I guess I misunderstood the way the sound mixing worked since that was one of the biggest reasons I upgraded from my SMH10.

I use the SR10 for radar detector and gps and find it annoying when they keep cutting out my music or if I am on a long trip audiobooks.

I would love to have the SR10 mix or merely cause the phone audio to momentarily decrease volume which is what I thought it would do but I am getting the impression that is only phone intercom conversations and not much else.

Also I should probably start a different post but am I missing how to adjust the various sources volume independently? With the SHM10 it was pretty straightforward. Doesn't seem to work the same on the 20S.

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