Sena breaches warranty agreement.


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  • Brad Roberts
    Brad Roberts

    Hey there, 


    I am having a similar issue with a 30k Duel pack. Both units were faulty out of the box and now they are saying I have to cover the shipping both ways when returning the units for repair.

    They are the absolute worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

    What was the outcome of your issue Liam?




  • Mandar Rane
    Mandar Rane

    I had a faulty SMH10 unit. I had got this from REVZILLA. Its nearing a month still I haven't received an RMA no. I have sent them several gentle reminders over email. They don't even respond. Really shocked with the service,. Lately I got a reply saying that my RMA is in  a queue due to high volume of returns. 

    What's is the usually time period for an RMA to be issued?... plz help

  • David Rayment
    David Rayment

    Liam/Brad - Did you buy from Sena? Even though was many years ago 2016/2018. NZ consumer rights changed in 2015. They (company purchased from) must pay for shipping or reimburse the shipping fees when found faulty as product not fit for purpose. (Out of box etc).


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