Inexpensive solution for the passenger


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support


    If you have a 50C, you can use the universal pairing option to pair it with any Bluetooth-compatible headset. As for which headsets are compatible, I can't say for sure as it's going to be dependent on that manufacture, but I suggest ensuring that it's at least Bluetooth 4.1+ to ensure a connection (amazon might be your best bet to test this out, due to easy returns)

    Alternatively, you can get a 5S or 10S and use Bluetooth intercom pairing with the 50C.

    once your passenger is paired to your 50C, you can actually pull them into a group intercom or a mesh group intercom. please refer to the user guide for this. 

  • Zoya Shah
    Zoya Shah

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