Bluetooth 2 Way Radio Integration


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  • Manuel Cord
    Manuel Cord

    In the meantime, you could consider exploring alternative solutions such as using a dedicated wireless headset designed specifically for integrating with 2-way radios. These headsets are often built to handle the communication requirements of radios more effectively.

  • redball4az

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  • David Smith
    David Smith

    It sounds like you're encountering a frustrating issue with the integration of your Bluetooth-enabled 2-way radio with your Sena Spider RT1. It's perplexing that the communication channel remains open, blocking Bluetooth communication with other devices until the radio's power is cycled. It seems like the Sena com is treating the radio as a phone rather than a wireless headset, leading to this 漫画raw issue. Have you tried adjusting any settings on your Sena device or the radio itself to see if that resolves the problem? If not, you might consider reaching out to Sena customer support for further assistance or searching online forums for similar issues and potential solutions.

  • John McMahon
    John McMahon

    I believe the issue is that the Sena treats is as a phone using Hands Free Protocol (HFP) instead of like a radio headset using HeadSet Protocol (HSP), or even better, with a Push To Talk (PTT) button like Sena's discontinued SR10 product.  I strongly suspect neither Sena nor Cardo make a product intended to pair with a bluetooth-enabled 2 way radio, leaving work around solutions such as using a phone app to interface with the radio and the phone paired to the Sena communication system.

  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    You can go with a bluetooth dongle which plugs into the radio then pair through phone pairing (either primary or second mobile phone pairing).  PTT is wireless to the dongle and can mount on handlebar.  Toss the earpiece that comes with the kit.  Here is an example for Kenwood K1 two pin plug for most Chinese brand radios but they have them for motorola also.  Suggest you don't have phone on during pairing or during a ride as phone may override radio.

  • loinse bekean
    loinse bekean

    Take a close look at the user manuals for both devices to see if there are any specific infinite craft instructions or settings related to pairing and communication with other bluetooth devices. There may be certain configurations that need to be adjusted for optimal compatibility.

  • HelenaRoy

    I understand the issue with your Sena Spider RT1 treating your Bluetooth-enabled 2-way radio as a phone, causing the com channel to remain open. Ensure both devices have the latest firmware. Try pairing the radio as a "Media Device" instead of a "Phone." Also, enable "Audio Multitasking" in the Sena Smartphone App if available. Pair devices in the sequence: GPS first, then the 2-way radio. The same  I did for NBA2K20apk If issues persist, contact Sena’s customer support for specific guidance. Good luck!


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