Disturbing background noise from the speakers:


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  • M. Öztürk
    M. Öztürk

    Same issue here.

    • New SLR3 installed by Shoei / Sena retailer in new helmet 
    • Firmware update (v1.2) followed by factory reset done
    • Only one mobile phone (iPhone 14 Pro) paired

    Noise is present after power on - regardless of whether the phone is connected or not. A static noise accompanied by irregular pulsating high frequency noise.

    The noise is not loud but annoying for sensitive ears and unacceptable for a product in this price range. Stops with power-off. My girlfriend finds the noise even more annoying than I do.

    I have created a ticket.

  • Mario Oscini
    Mario Oscini

    Dear Sena community,

    According to the seller, the device was exchanged for a brand new one. Unfortunately, the new device (SRL3) is defective again. Now the left speaker makes a tinny sound even at low volume. For the first return, I already paid €20 for shipping to send the item back to the seller.

    I don't understand why this issue has occurred a second time with a high-end product. I have asked for opinions in my motorcycle community, and everyone says that this is not normal and that I should take action. Their communication systems do not have this problem, even though they are significantly cheaper.

    I wrote to support, and as soon as I find a solution, I'll let you know here!


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