Sena Stryker ECE 22-06?


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support


    Our products are not affected by the new ECE 22.06 certification. The ECE 22.06 is a regulation that sets updated safety standards for motorcycle helmets, including more rigorous testing for impact absorption and rotational forces. Our products remain unaffected by this certification because they are not permanently affixed to the helmet. Instead, they are mounted on the helmet's exterior using either a clamp or adhesive, thereby avoiding any drilling into the helmet shell. Furthermore, Sena advises against modifying the helmet's interior to accommodate our products, as alterations to the internal structure may compromise the helmet's ability to provide optimal safety for the rider.

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    Hello Alex,
    thanks for your feedback. I am aware that the other Sena products are not affected by ECE22.06 as they are not motorcycle helmets but communication products. However, the Sena Stryker motorcycle helmet is a smart motorcycle helmet from Sena that is sold via your website. It is specified with ECE22.05. This is now being phased out in Europe. Therefore my question is whether or not there will be an innovation specifically for this Sena product - the Stryker motorcycle helmet

  • Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Sorry about that, I missed understood, as far as I am aware right now, there are no plans to update the stryker, as most ECE helmets are either phased out and replaced with a new one, so with that said, we DO have a new helmet that we are going to be releasing soon that will be replacing the current line up of smart helmets with new 60 series tech. 


    It's good to hear that. It's amazing, I can't wait to see that helmet. I am waiting for it very badly. Can you tell the date to be more specific? Manpower outsourcing services


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