Sena 30K Software inclusive a FLOP


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  • Ruud Vollebregt
    Ruud Vollebregt

    Mmm, bit of an aggressive stance there? Anyway, I can only say I'm a bit surprised. Myself, I ride with a 10s, and the included software (Windows and iPhone) performs rather well.

    Perhaps it would be good to split your complaint in several specific questions, so support staff can try to discern what can be done about what.

    ...and no: I am in no way attached to Sena, but I am in IT, so I somewhat feel for them.

  • Mont M
    Mont M

    Aggressiveness? Very unlikely. Try these words instead; assertiveness, concise, blunt, no sugar coating, honest...
    To address the issue, one must go to the root and not cover the surface with a band aid.

    Update; Sena corporation responded in a timely manner requesting additional details so as to rectify the online anomaly with its servers and applications.
    ((Ticket #204004: Software glitches
    Your request (#204004) has been updated.

    To review the status of the request and add additional comments, follow the link below:

    This is a spectacular indication of accountability. Thank You for standing behind your product.

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly

    I think Mont M is being too kind, the 30K is a stinker compared to the 20S.

    The smartphone app quits working when out of cellular service. Locks up when it can't check for firmware updates. Just how much bandwidth does it consume perpetually checking for firmware updates? There is no reason to check more than once per day. And no excuse for the rest of the app to not function until the mothership has been consulted.

    My 20S would allow me to listen to music when intercom to an SMH10. The intercom would break in when something was said, then music resume. The SMH10 rider's loud helmet often kept my music off. But now we both have 30K's and have found no setting that allows both music and intercom with VOX switching, its either all intercom or all music.

    The other rider is legally deaf and yells into the microphone in spite of my admonition. His 30k clips with loud clicks. And yet I hear his every breath when intercom is enabled.

    Any loud noise triggers the intercom, no matter the intercom is off and no one is near. A cough prompts, "INTERCOM FAILED" voice. Or gust of wind at 70 MPH.

  • Toni Emery
    Toni Emery



  • Ruud Vollebregt
    Ruud Vollebregt

    Well M, seems I've misjudged you there.

    Sort of glad I kept to a simpler 10s now...

  • Fred

    Sena seems to be ignoring the problems with the 30K Bluetooth intercom. I think I just wasted $500.

  • Stefan Heisl
    Stefan Heisl

    It seems like you've had a negative experience with the Sena 30K software and applications.

  • Ken

    I've just bought a pair of 30K units to replace stuffed 20S units.
    -The contacts wear away with constant pressure of the sprung contacts -a bad design flaw.  I suggest people leave these types of headsets unmounted between usage, ie not on the base.

    I was able to update the headset firmware OK.

    The Android app is pretty cludgy, but works more reliably than the previous one for the 20S, which didn't seem to be able to tell when the headset was paired.

    Only done one ride two-up so far. Music played fine, and intercom at the same time as music was clear and seamless (unlike with the 20S).  Intercom voice was over the top of the music, not reducing music volume.  (Maybe this is a setting?)

    Voice command is mentioned on the website for the 30K, but not in the user manual, and "Hey Sena" into the microphone does nothing. I think the sales people doing the website should talk to the tech people occasionally.  I think it is fair to call it false advertising.


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