remote control - allow flip of joystick functions

Hey guys, I really love the remote that came with my 10U. However, as I'm sure you know that the recommended way of mounting it blocks or impedes access to the horn button. I tried it rotated so it's lower but now it's hard to use. I recently flipped the remote 180 degrees so that the joystick is on top (top and toward the rider). This looks like it's going to be awesome but now the controls are flipped. That is, now it's down to raise volume, etc. Can you provide some way to just flip it? I'd think that could be done quickly and easily.

Big fan, btw. Here's the list of Sena stuff I've purchased over the years:

Sena INC helmet - $550
SR10 - $180
Shoei 10U - $270
10R - $215
20S dual pack - $425
SMH5-FM x 2 - $240
SM10 - $150
Turns out to be... OMG:  $2,030!


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