SRL and iPhone "Hey Siri"


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  • Killzone Kid
    Killzone Kid

    A bit too late to the party but I have Siri functionality working on SRL2

    My spec: SRL2 firmware v1.0.8
    iOS 17.4.1
    Both 'Press Side Button for Siri' and 'Allow Siri When Locked' checked

    Here is the procedure: The SRL2 is switched on, paired and connected to the iPhone. 
    Press middle button and hold. It beeps immediately on the press, then double beeps after 1 sec, then beeps once more with a higher pitch after 2 seconds. At this point you can let the button go. You can now see that Siri is activated and listening and you can hear corresponding chime in headphones and you can give Siri commands.

    I tried use Siri before and it didnt work. Maybe it is firmware upgrade, maybe iOS update, or maybe I didn't try it properly, but it works for me now. Hope this helps.

    EDIT: Just wanted to add, you have to be in MUSIC mode... Hello Sena...Music

  • Robert Gonzalez
    Robert Gonzalez

    Like many others in this thread, I came here looking for ways to allow my voice to control my phone while on my bike and using my SRL2 communication unit that I just bought for my Shoei GT-Air 2. I am also a user of the Cardo Freecomm 4+ and I have to say, Sena is absolute trash compared the Cardo. I thought for $300 my comm would at the very least be able to listen to my voice. It seems that Sena hasn't really learned that technology yet (somehow). When running my Cardo I can literally do everything I need to in order to interact with my phone through voice command: "Hey Cardo, Hey Siri". This means when I am using Google Maps for GPS and I get a call, I can simply say "answer" and the call picks up. When the call ends, I can tell Siri to switch back to maps, or to Spotify so I can change my music selection, or I can tell Siri to send a text message for me... without ever having to take my eyes off the road or my hands off the bars.

    This feels like an extraordinary limitation of the Sena platform and one I wish I had known about before investing $300 in a product that integrates with my helmet but doesn't offer me anything in the way of ease of us. I love my helmet, but sadly, I am probably going to end up with a big fat comm unit stuck to the side of it so I can ride safely and have the flexibility to connect to my friends, take calls, get back to maps, etc all with my voice. Sena, as a technology company, you really need to fix this. There is literally no excuse for this in 2021, and there is even less excuse for charging $300 for limited use technology.

  • Martin Doubravsky
    Martin Doubravsky

    I need Siri on my SRL too - that's the main reason why I bought it. And I can't successfully google the solution. Sena, please!

  • Boo Rules
    Boo Rules

    I can access Siri but the when she speaks it is so loud and distorted I cannot understand her.  Also when using the phone the mic does not work so even if I dial on the phone no one can hear me and their voice is also distorted.  I have reset, unpaired/repaired, remove from iphone then repair, you name it.

    What's odd is music and Waze (both through my iPhone) comes through normal.  I am so frustrated and have not heard back from Sena in almost 2 weeks about this problem.  Spoke to the dealer where I bought the SRL and they say they will have to send it back to Sena which means I will probably not have it back for months (if ever).  Waste of $$ on the Shoei Neo 2 and the SRL.  Worst decision to get this helmet.  Oh btw, Shoei could care less.

  • Bari Bar-Zion
    Bari Bar-Zion

    I have purchased the Neotec II helmet and rather than using my existing CARDO Sho-1, decided to go with the SRL.  BIG MISTAKE.

    Let me start with the bottom line: THE SENA SRL IS HORRIBLE - NOTHING LESS.

    First, the mic quality is VERY BAD. People can hardly hear me, no matter if I am driving or standing or if the helmet is open or closed. They just can hardly hear me.

    Voice commands can not be executed because of the mic sound quality. "hello sena" does not work 99 times out of 100. radio can not be activated. Hello Siri in non existent.  

    Second, when I finally manage to put some music using my phone directly rather than with voice command, the sound quality is just not good. 

    A week ago wrote an angry mail to sena support. and guess what - no one bothers to answer. So customer service is also problematic.

    conclusion: Lots of money thrown away for nothing.

    I should have stayed with my Cardo systems. Had a few of them through the years and was never disappointed.

  • Jonathan McCrossan
    Jonathan McCrossan

    Did Sena ever get back to anyone on this issue? I also cannot get Siri to activate.. I used the centre button for 3 secs, but it isn’t working at all. My worry is that most research I have viewed on google doesn’t have any responses from Sena, so I’m slightly worried, that an expensive comms unit is going to come with bad support. 

  • Jonathan McCrossan
    Jonathan McCrossan

    Ive just had a live chat with Sena. Forgetting the headset on by iPhone. Then Factory reset on my SRL2. Then reboot my phone. When all back up and paired again, it seems to work. Still amazed you cant access via voice control..... mental 

  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    Voice command only functions for Sena operations not for accessing siri or google.  It's always been that way with all their models that have it.  Manual explains all the voice commands available.  Accessing Siri is through tapping the phone button.  

  • Jonathan McCrossan
    Jonathan McCrossan

    Yeah. For me though the button wasn’t working. Saw a few people with same problem. All sorted now. Voice command could be used to open up a call. One of the primary functions I would think. All good now. Everything it’s supposed to works now.

  • Ken Kimari
    Ken Kimari

    I'm glad you worked it out.  Sena updates have always required a factory reset after.  Forgotten is the phone needs to have the connection deleted from the previous version then re-paired to the updated sena unit to function properly.  The old bluetooth connection sometimes works but often causes problems as  what you had experienced.

  • Mikael Ostrom
    Mikael Ostrom

    >>>The upcoming 50S and 50R are the only Sena products that support the ability to access Google / Siri on your phone by using your voice


    Really? Can't you solve that with a firmware update? I have got the SRL2 and no voice support for Siri is... bad quality.

  • Sena Support
    Sena Support

    Adding the feature to access digital assistants "Hey Siri" and "Hey Google" cannot be added to the SRL / SRL2 through a firmware update as it requires new hardware.

  • Lasse Larsen
    Lasse Larsen

    Just purchased my Sena SRL2 today. The dealer installed the recent firmware before I left the shop with my new integrated SRL2 and my new Shoei helmet.

    At first I could not get Siri to work and when I made a phone call the voice in my ears were so loud I was blown away. Then I made a factory reset and the loud voice issue was solved. And Siri is now working.

    Only thing is that I need to switch of the FM radio if I am using that function. If I am listening to Spotify or Tune In radio from my iPhone Siri is working.

    I need to push the center button on my helmet for 3 seconds or until I hear a second beep. Then I can SMS, navigate with Maps and all the other nice things Siri would do for you.

    I like it :-)

    This weekend will I go for a ride to see how it is working with gloves on and windnoise at higher speed. 

  • Daragh McGrath
    Daragh McGrath

    Sena-Support have you got any insights into when the hardware to deliver the solution everyone is looking for here will be released? Is there a SRL3 in the works?

  • Sena Support
    Sena Support

    Daragh McGrath Unfortunately, we do not have any new versions of the SRL that would include the feature of activating Siri / Google through your voice to announce here at this time. Please stay tuned to our website for any new product releases.

  • Patrick van Wijk
    Patrick van Wijk

    I am a developer myself and I truly believe that it is possible by software to add a choice for your customers to choose if they want to use "Hey Sena" or "Hey Siri" or "Hey Google" or even all those voice options can be possible.

    The app provided is in my opinion total crap and more then 5 years outdated!

    If I listen music and Sena is saying something to me, I can not hear it because the sound level is not in sync with the sound level of the music I was listening to. 

    And most of the time, because I am struggling with the buttons the whole Sena device doesn't do anything anymore because I pressed a wrong button. Really frustrating if you still have 50 miles to go and need to stop again to reset the device.

    And then I haven't even mentioned the FM radio and how I need to configure that, or only 3 speed dail settings that I need to type in manually, while the app could get it out of my contact list....

    The sound is very bad and the list goes on and on...

    For the price I have paid for this set, NEVER SENA again!!!!

  • Dan Cannon
    Dan Cannon

    I'm going to echo everything here. I just bought the Shoei NeoTec II with the $359 sena today and after using it for a few hours, reading feedback and what's posted here, it's going straight back tomorrow. Lack of hands free control and use with iPhone is inexcusable in this day and age. Top that off with a 359 price tag is ridiculous. Cardo blows this stuff away and there is no excuse, none. It's 100% software and Sena dropped the ball. Garbage 

  • David

    Killzone Kid
    Thank you so much!
    Your procedure is working for me as well.
    I'm on iOS17.4.1 as well, using SRL3 FW v1.2

    You'd really hope that SENA might manage to put that bit of information into their manuals.


  • Trevor Armstrong
    Trevor Armstrong

    its garbage - holding down the middle button for three seconds, especially while going down a motorway - its unacceptable. i hoped it would be solved in a firmware update, turns out it witl be solved with a second helmet kit for my cardo. anyone want a cheap SRL2 ? wont be buying any more sena products thats for sure :/

  • Sena Support
    Sena Support

    Although it has already been mentioned, accessing a digital assistant on the SRL is done by holding down the Center Button for 3 seconds while in Stand-by Mode.

    The upcoming 50S and 50R are the only Sena products that support the ability to access Google / Siri on your phone by using your voice.


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