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  • Jaltonen

    I need to stick up for them...I just called and they fixed my problem after about a 5 minute hold.  I just called the 925 number they had listed on their help/support for North America.

  • Bill Keesing
    Bill Keesing

    The online support is, so far, far from impressive. The camera does not switch on on my 10C after only 4 months use and all I have gotten so far is "Is the firmware up to date". As if the firmware not being up to date would affect whether the camera stops responding to the button push four months after purchase and use.

    I am still waiting for the "agent" to contact me. I went with Sena because I liked the range of features in the 10C and the small size of the camera as opposed to going for a blocky Go-Pro or cheap clone. Thus far I am wondering if I made a mistake, considering that the 10C cost as much as the latest Go-Pro.

  • Robert Ert
    Robert Ert

    they dont have support - they have monkeys and pay them by bananas !
    my support ticket is not solved for 3 months, they only ask the same.

    NEVER EVER SENA - buy Midland - support working, device is working 

  • Bill Keesing
    Bill Keesing

    I have now been waiting more than 5 weeks for a simple RMA do that I can return my faulty 10C for repair or replacement. 

    I was told on May 18 that "As of now, our warranty team is experiencing a high volume of requests. They will email at you once they reach your turn in the queue." My response was "So how many more weeks will I be waiting to be contacted this time? Will it be the same case of my emails being ignored as they were over the last week when I ask for an update?". The "lack of help desk" response was "Your RMA request is currently in queue to be processed. Due to the high volume we are experiencing, it may take longer than usual. Thank you for your patience." 

    My patience is currently as thin as the air around the moon. It is almost as thought the company now has my money so cannot give a damn about me as a customer. They forget just how quickly word of bad customer support can spread, and you can be sure that I will be spreading far and wide.

  • Vince LaRocca
    Vince LaRocca

    By far the worse company to work with. Brand new 10C Pro and quit after 2 weeks..


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