Ability to turn volume to 0 or "mute"

I can't think of any other device that plays music or outputs audio where you cannot use the volume control to turn the volume to 0 (essentially muting the device)

For some reason that I cannot think of, Sena has a minimum volume stop (at about 10%) which I find to be irritating and a possible safety hazard.

For example, if you were to be talking to someone, you have no way to mute/turn the volume all the way down momentarily without turning off your device or trying to access your phone while on the road.

I understand some people may like the settings as it is...but at least can you make this volume option a toggle in the phone app so that we can dial the volume down past the current minimum volume settings already in place for those of us who wish to be able to mute their devices using the volume wheel?


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