Volume control for audio overlay Intercom

I am using a Sena 20s Evo and really like the ability to use the audio overlay function. There is only one but ...


I am unable to change the audio setting of each channel during the audio overlay period.


Example, I am talking on the intercom with my passenger and the GPS starts speaking. I can not adjust the volume of the GPS when GPS is speaking and I can control the volume of the intercom when I am using that. But not the situation in between.


I would like the intercom volume to be MUCH higher then the gps. Now there is no option for this. GPS always screams over the intercom conversation and since the passenger does not hear the GPS is speaking she continues her talking while I cannot hear what she is saying. Ending up with my continuously asking what she has said and she needs to repeat that.

I know have disabled the GPS sound because we cannot have a decent conversation.

A few options could help in this situation.

1* I can set the audio volume for each channel during the audio overlay period

2* the passenger can also hear the GPS speaking so she knows when to shut up ;-)


Preferably both options would be very nice. A toggle to enable the passenger to hear the GPS sound and the ability to adjust the volume during overlay.


To be sure, the sensitivity setting now does not make a noticeable difference from setting 1 or 10. That is not what I want and have tested the functionality of it but it does not fit my needs.


Would be great to have these options.




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