Don't buy Sena - it is not working with apple !


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  • Rob Cote
    Rob Cote

    Agreed.  I will not purchase Sena again.   I have 2 freewires, 1 prism, and 1 Srl.   Cannot get the srl mic working with Harley boom, or the prism.   Tech support has been useless, sending me wrong instructions, and asking same question multiple times in same email thread, same agent.   I gave them a chance, and my $.   Shame on me I guess...

  • Boo Rules
    Boo Rules

    I am beyond upset and disappointed.  I recently purchased the SRL (made specifically for the Shoei Neo 2 helmet) and it is useless.  Music is clear although it disconnects and must restart by going directly to the phone which is pointless while riding.

    The real problem is trying to receive or make calls...the mic doesn't work and the noise from the people on the other end is so distorted it actually hurts my ears.  The same distortion also comes from Siri and she cannot hear my requests.  Pointless and useless.  I tried everything (resets, hard iPhone resets you name it).  Nothing works and no response from Sena.  

    What sucks about this is the fact I now have a Shoei helmet make designed to use this unit so now I am out $$$ for both the helmet and this unit.  Big mistake on my part.



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