Ironic 4 Years And Nothing Fixed


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  • Nick

    but still more than happy to take your money

  • Rob Watson
    Rob Watson

    I agree, and they are expensive to boot.  Their idea is to create another new sena product with all the fixes in hopes you will buy that one to replace the 30K. 


  • Steve Hanfel
    Steve Hanfel

    **FIX** Our Group FINALLY figured out how to fix our 20evo/30k problems! It actually worked for all of us!

    Solution: Switch to Cardo Systems headsets. We have all moved over to the Cardo PACKTALK model, and done. No loud beeps, no clarity/range issues, no base clamp failures, no multiple warranties, no background wind noise, no “Say a Command”, etc. Seriously....they just work. As they should, I might add. If you’re loooking for a solution, switch brands. They’re never gonna fix what’s already out. Just going to keep making new models.

  • Matt Brown
    Matt Brown

    I must admit, I had the 20S and now 30K and they are very poor in terms of audio communication systems. Last week 3 of us were in France using 30K units and using mesh - most of time the audio was so poor we couldnt communicate with each other, garbled audio etc .. fed up with giving SENA our money for poor inferior products - end of the line methinks ..

    I will investigate the Cardo Systems and hopefully this will finally solve our issues once and for all!


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