Suggested Improvement to the SRL (designed for the Shoei Neotec2 Helmet)


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  • Michael Reichard
    Michael Reichard

    Thank you for the information regarding the SRL-01 does not have a battery you can replace. 

    After only 11 months it seems mine has went out. 

    Have always kept the unit fully charged. Never letting it drain all the way down. I've done my part in maintaining the battery. 

    Have put in for a RMA, no contact  with Sena yet.

    Sounds to me like they have put out to much defective product and they are not keeping up with any kind of decent customer service. That's what happens when you put out to much defective crap. 

    You sure can not stay in business selling a high end product when it turns out to be defective time and time again.

    Having issues after customers download the latest software is the biggest mistake any company can do. Shows how weak their IT division is.

    Maybe Sena will have a intelligent engineer go off on his own and start a company that will finish Sena off.


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