20S Loud Beep

My wife and I found the combination that caused the loud beep in her 20S.  It only occurs when she is connected to my helmet intercom (Sena SMH10R), and is connected to her iPhone 5S for calls or music.  If she connects to the iPhone only for music, it does not do it.  If she is connected to the iPhone for only phone access, no beep.  If she is connected to the iPhone for music and calls, no beep.  We suspect it has to do with the iPhone sending change of communications status, such as changing cell phone towers, perhaps.  The 20S beeps because it switches from intercom to this status change then back, perhaps?  Obviously there is no volume setting for this status alert, or whatever it is.  The coders need to track down this offending beep, because it is obviously in the software.  We will be looking to buy the new 30K units at WingDing, but this will be the first thing we test.  If it beeps, no sale.

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