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  • Dwayne A. Hopkins
    Dwayne A. Hopkins

    This was the latest response to my question "Have they tested the 30K to see if it has this problem, and is there a resolution for this problem on the 20S?" , and my reply, in the Help Desk regarding the loud beep.  I keep going around in circles.

    "Agent 13, Jul 27, 8:39 AM PDT:

    Hello Dwayne,

    When the 30k device is not working properly, you can easily reset the unit: 
    1. Locate the pinhole reset button below on the back of the main unit. 
    2. Gently insert a paperclip into the hole and tap the Fault Reset Button with light pressure.
    3. The headset will shut down.
    Note: Fault Reset will not restore the headset to factory default settings.

    Sincerely Yours,

    SENA Technologies


    Annnddd... this response just goes to prove you DO NOT READ the feedback you get from customers.  Reading it means comprehending it, "checking" it seems to be glance it over and give the first canned answer that pops into your head.  My message had something to do with a problem and a 30K (you assumed), so hey!, I'll tell him how to reset it!  Yeah, great support.  If you had read my issue, you would know I do not own a 30K, we own a 20S with a loud beep issue.  You would also know we will be looking to buy the new 30K units at WingDing, but this loud beep issue will be the first thing we test. If it beeps, no sale.  WingDing is the largest gathering of GoldWing owners in the US, if not the world.  If the 30K has this beep issue, I will NOT be recommending anyone buy it, or any of your other products.  Period.  And I talk to a couple hundred people at each WingDing.  I don't care how to reset a 30K, as I don't own one and will not buy one if it has the subject loud beep.  So, after having covered all of that AGAIN, my question still is: Have they tested the 30K to see if it has this problem, and is there a resolution for this problem on the 20S?"

    Still awaiting a real answer.

  • Rob Esparza
    Rob Esparza

    Dwayne, I had the SAME THING happen to my girlfriend and I on our first com-linked ride yesterday.  My 20s was giving me periodic ear piercing !BEEPS! And my girlfriend heard nothing.  I did a search through the manual pdf but found no reference to what it might be.  

    My guess is OUR problem is more wide spread than just us.  I just joined this community, so now I’m off to find any other thread that could be relevant.  I hope you get your posting answered by whomever is operating this forum.

    Thanks for posting.

  • Dwayne A. Hopkins
    Dwayne A. Hopkins

    You will find many posts, and few solutions. One solution seems to be to go back to 1.1 firmware, I believe it is, but my wife just chose to not use her phone.


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