Picking up background noise


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  • Marc Taubman
    Marc Taubman

    I have the same problem and would appreciate a solution. 


  • Bskjack3

    I’ve had that same issue since the unit was new - even had Sena replace the unit but to no avail. I still pick up ambient noises - the speakers on the bike, passing traffic, etc. It all comes through as kind of an echo in my helmet speakers and even transfers to my wife’s headset somehow. Does NOT do it when I ride alone and am not on intercom. I’ve dealt with Sena for years now and they can’t provide an answer.

    NOW when I’m using intercom, not only that issue, but my unit beeps extremely loud randomly then shuts itself off. If I can’t get this resolved I’ll buy another brand of Bluetooth headsets. These are virtually unusable as is.

  • Eddie Craig
    Eddie Craig

    I also have a similar problem: My passenger has great music and intercom. I the driver have outside noise coming in after getting up to speed. I turned off the VOX and I still hear outside noise without pushing the PTT button. I can't hear the music while driving?  Is the unit bad?  Help? 


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