SC1 Advanced microphone issue on higher speed


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  • Mattcrane86

    My wife has the same issue,  before the firmware update above 50mph all I could hear was wind noise coming through her microphone after the update its louder but way more distorted so I still can't hear her properly. 

  • Darla Hardy
    Darla Hardy

    We purchased 4 for use in 2015.  All 4 have broken.  I sent two back for warranty and received two just to have them break again.  I got fed up with arranging warranty and having the same results.  I haven't gotten an answer if this issue is fixed to make them more robust (run 3 ).  Apparently not if you have this problem still in 2018.  I don't know why this hasn't been addressed as it is a good product just really cheap structure problems.  Until then, I have a pile of 4 sitting doing nothing.


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