20S new 2.0 Firmware - Manual?


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  • lilluunk

    Hello.Just went through the process of updating my 20S to the latest 2.0 Firmware this morning and was on the lookout for the updated manual myself. In my quest to better understand the ins and outs of the new firmware, I stumbled across a tool that, while not a manual, has been incredibly useful for managing all my tech documents and guides – https://pdfflex.com/ . Whether it's converting user manuals that are in PDF format into more manageable forms it's been a lifesaver. It means I can tailor the information to what I find most useful.

  • Ostin Calison
    Ostin Calison

    I think you should use formatting or convert your document to another file format for easier use.

  • Matthew Richardson
    Matthew Richardson

    The problem of converting a document into the desired format can be solved in one minute. I convert my documents from a PDF file to any format I need and vice versa, because it is now very convenient and does not take much time. My documents are now in PDF format and converting the file was easy, as detailed in the blog on the history and future of PDF at https://pdfguru.com/blog/pdf-history-and-future . This conversion made it incredibly easy for me to send repair manuals via email in just a few clicks.


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