10C Pro Volume control

I'm using the 10C Pro with the BMW infotainment system on an R1200RT. When the 10C Pro first links to bike the Volume comes on at full blast. When I stop for gas, shut the bike off and then turn bike back on the volume again goes to full blast as soon as it automatically links. Needless to say this is pretty annoying. I have a 10C that never did this. My First 10C Pro was replaced for this problem however the replacement unit does the exact same thing. The volume control is also very choppy, as in I just barely touch the jog dial and it cuts volume all the way off. When I connect the 10C Pro to my phone only it works fine, Another complaint that I have with both 10C and 10C Pro is when riding and listening to music then turning the camera and video mode on the voice prompt letting you now your in camera or video mode is so low I can't even hear it. I have no idea if it's recording or not . Please make voice prompt much louder or put in manual how to increase recording voice prompt louder. Also please fix the max volume on start up when linked to BMW system

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