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  • Sean Keily
    Sean Keily

    David, I am also curious about this... I used my 10C yesterday for the first time on a 2hr ride & after 1hr. the same thing happened... "camera off -  battery low" from fully charged.

    Music & satnav kept working though..

    I'm glad I saw this as I just assumed I would have to have it plugged into a power pack all the time.. I wonder if anyone will come up with any ideas..?

    I did think it was supposed to have at least 2-3hrs record time


  • beans


    The product number is 10C-01 if you still need it.

    Sometimes when the battery heats up it will stop recording to protect the battery. How is the temperature in your area?

    If it's too cold this can have an affect on battery's performance.

  • David C Borshoff
    David C Borshoff

    Thanks to both of you. I don't think temperature is a factor - moderate climate. I am now using it sparingly in standard mode (non loop mode) to capture key moments. I will look into it in more detail when I finish this trip and have some time. Cheers DB.

  • Darryl Wong
    Darryl Wong

    My 10c camera just stopped working. Everything else works but the camera is not recognized and the warranty just expired so tech support was unwilling to help.

    Have you tried connecting an external batty pack while you ride? I think that might work for the time being and just keep the battery pack in you pocket.

    Actually I think I would only get about an hours (1 1/2 tops) worth of video before it would get the "Low Battery Camera Off" when the device was new


  • Sean Keily
    Sean Keily

    Beans - the ambient temperature was about 14 degrees C so not hot at all...


  • Sena Chicago User
    Sena Chicago User

    I don't really have a solution but if Sena is reading these comments or other users are thinking of purchasing a Sena know I have had device failures on two separate 10Cs (normal and pro).  Now both were handled by warranty as thankfully they failed inside of the 1 year window but the fact that I am 2 for 2 on failed devices is disconcerting considering the high price tag on these devices.  With such a high price tag ($300+) I am expecting build quality equal to the price.



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