I am a little frustrated and disappointed as this set up and function is by no means smooth.

I have overcome several issues, including the unit shutting off and NOT restarting. I tried factory reset - nothing. I then used the pin reset hole and it finally came back to life.

Now, after one of the most spectacular rides of my life, after an hour of episodic recording (I am using the standard video record mode, not the loop or time lapse) the camera wont record but says "CAMERA OFF, BATTERY LOW"! And guess what? The battery is 4 flashes high!

I rode the whole day without recording (I am riding across the Australian country after careful planning of this trip) BUT WHEN I TESTED IT LATER IT WORKED AGAIN FOR HALF AN HOUR OR SO BEFORE AGAIN SAYING "CAMERA OFF - BATERY LOW". The battery is not low.

Are you able to help? I am so frustrated/disappointed.

I am on a trip and looking for support but CANT GET THE EMAIL TO SENA BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE THE BLOODY PRODUCT NUMBER WITH ME - apparently its on the box. How foolish of me not to bring the box on this trip...


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