Sena20S Evo - problem with USB in Device Manager


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  • Lukas

    Latest Windows10 and latest software device manager. Windows is using own old usb drivers not those from software. When trying to change them to sena's windows says that they're not compatible with 64bit cpu... this is frustrating...

  • Mariusz

    The problem is that Windows doesn't see this device (even as unknown) - there is nothing on device list when I plug in USB cable. Teste od few PC and cables. Like USB port on Sena would be broken :( 

    There is charging but no data connection :( 

  • Lukas

    I'm sure that problems with recognizing device etc. is not our fault, while if you wanna check you usb port...

    Connect you Sena to PC , then open device manager and check if you have any device with exclamation mark (!) listed somewhere on list. If you have w10 then open settings from start menu and go to devices and look if there are two devices under the same name. Then open sena device manager and click next until you see "On recognizing device." command on bottom. Click phone button then you will see if device manager recognize you Sena, if yes then your usb port is ok and drivers are crap.

    Btw. stick with 1.7.7 version on device for now because 2.0 is buggy.

  • beans

    With the 20S you should leave the unit OFF, when trying to get the device manager to recognize the unit.

    You can try also this on a different computer to see if it will recognize it.

  • Sena Marketing
    Sena Marketing

    Hi Mariusz. Please use the "Submit a Request" link at the top to contact our Customers Service department since you are having this issue with your 20S EVO. Thanks.

  • Tim Rohwer
    Tim Rohwer

    I have this same problem, device does not show up on any computers when plugged in thru usb port. port on device will charge device though. Usb port on computer works for other devices. I'm doing it correctly with device powered off. It has never worked I've had this problem since new, can not update firmware

  • LeRoy Smith
    LeRoy Smith

    Same problem here as well.  I believe the data ports are failing on the 20s......I know I don’t have a windows problem because I have other 20s devices that work with the laptop.

  • Daniel Griffin
    Daniel Griffin

    Was having the same problem. Turns out it was the USB cable I was using. I had assumed the first cable was working because it was charging fine. Then I connected to the PC using the angled cable provided with the headset and it connected as expected.


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