have SMH 10B sn 160102525


using the Hold down the [-] Button
for more than 5 seconds. to get the upgrade software to recognize my 10B, but on two computers it fails to recognize. one is a dell windows 7 and the other is a dell desk top windows 7


how can i upgrade?


i continually get the orange yellow message, failure to recognize.


i have used two different cables from SENA, so it does not seem to be a cable issue, a computer issue, or a software issue, it seems to be an 10B issue


oh yea, I have no issues updating my 10C pro, but i prefer the 10B due to extended battery life compared to the 10C Pro, even if i dont use camera, the battery life is not as long, but the camera is kick ass awesome and the phone app far exceeds my expectations. 


had a 10C w camera but it would not work with phone app, sold and happy now


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