SENA 10C Pro - Clear lense protector


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  • Bill Thomson
    Bill Thomson

    Concur with that Kym... Perhaps a bit of laminate might work... something easily removable.

    The rubber cover that came with mine has been donated to the road.  If there were a positive connection to be able to attach it to the helmet (maybe small Velcro patch to put behind the unit) and a lightweight lanyard.

    I don't see much response from Sena on these pages.  It is quite frustrating.

  • Alvin Love
    Alvin Love

    If Sena were to offer a standard mount that they would ensure would be available for the foreseeable future, helmet manufacturers could design the speakers and microphone into the helmet/, and Sena would sell the bluetooth device. The SF mount would work well for this and would ensure that a lot of people would be buying the Sena units (since they would fit the helmet) and the other manufacturer's helmets (pre wired and easy to install).


    An additional benefit would be that you would be a lot more likely to upgrade units.  I have several helmets, and I resisted upgrading because I would have to rework all my helmets.  I did upgrade from the SF2 to an SF4, and really appreciated that it was just swapping out the unit, no redoing the wiring and mounts, and I didn't have to buy new mount kits.  

  • Kym Moulds
    Kym Moulds

    What in hell's name has the above post got to do with requesting/suggesting a clear lense protector from Sena for the 10C Pro?

    Your post makes no sense at ALL!!!!.

    I think you have the wrong thread sunshine!!!!

  • rodoqy

    thanks for this blog


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