When will Sena update to work with IOS 13?


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  • RoadGlide

    Sena would you please make a announcement as to what you’re doing to resolve issues with iOS 13. Are you working with Apple? When do you expect to have this problem resolved?

  • Roberthp

    Sena is never going to fix this problem.  They will tell you to update the firmware on the device (doesn't help), they will tell you to reset your phone (ridiculous, but also doesn't help), will tell you to reset everything (also a waste of time), will tell you to uninstall the reinstall the app on your phone (great, if your device is supported by the app, many aren't), and now they are saying to take a video.

    Sena, you really want a video of an audio problem?  Seriously?

    Folks, don't be suckered into the best buy geek squad recommendations that people keep offering up here.  The issue is Sena and their lack of support for their own firmware.  They have not provided firmware updates for quite a few devices since the iOS 13 release.

    By the way, Sena, I was in an emergency situation on the freeway this past Friday and I COULD NOT CALL 911 USING SIRI BECAUSE YOUR CRAPPY DEVICE IS BROKEN AND YOU WON'T FIX IT!  

    How about this, SENA: Since you won't fix it, release the firmware source code for the devices that did not receive updates and you have abandoned, and let the community fix it themselves. Consider it a gift, like Android Open Source, for the Sena community you've screwed over.

    Failing that, maybe a class action lawsuit is in order?  Not only will they not fix the existing devices owners have, they are still selling the devices on their website and worldwide through their partner channels.  

    How many people have have been suckered into buying one of these since iOS 13 was released, or shortly before, only to find out after the return window closed that they couldn't use it properly with their phone?  Many, I'm guessing.  I think a jury would be quite supportive to consumers in this instance.


  • Brian Heath
    Brian Heath

    I am told by Sena, that the “Harley Team” is working the software update for users who have the Harley branded 20S EVO headsets. I would like to know if the “Harley Team” is a technical team working for Sena, or do they work for Harley Davidson, and who may I contact regarding an ETA for the software release so that my headsets will work with the Sena Utility app.  It is annoying to spend over $500 for a pair of headsets that all the sudden do not work with the app but when the non-Harley branded 20s headsets do work with the latest release from Sena.  Is Sena and/or Harley just going to stop supporting their branded items, and how is this fair to the consumer who purchased items specifically to work with the Harley brand and anticipated Sena technical support?

  • Colin hall
    Colin hall

    Hi Brian Heath,

    “when the non-Harley branded 20s headsets do work with the latest release from Sena”


    Sorry, there has not been a latest release from Sena that fixes the problem, we still have issues. It good to hear HD team are looking at it, they might have a more influence over Sena that the customer base who still have this problem.

    BTW, I plug the headset wire in to the phones earphone socket so I can still listen to music on the rides.


  • Chee-Chiu Lee
    Chee-Chiu Lee

    Hi All,

    I have solved my Siri problems and hopefully it will solve yours too!

    After adjusting some setting on my iPhone 6s some weeks ago, I noticed I had some intermittent Siri issues. I had no previous problems running iOS 13.

    Some more fiddling with my phone's settings some days later meant Siri stopped working entirely on my SHM-5FM, 

    So I changed the following on my iPhone, to how it was before experiencing problems, which has returned the use of Siri with the my headset;

    Removed Podcast Widget from Search screen  

    Removed Waze Widget from Search screen

    Changed Dark Mode to OFF

    In Settings > Siri & Search > Turned OFF - Suggestions in Search, Suggestions in Look Up and Suggestions on Lock Screen

    Restarted iPhone.

    I have yet to have time to test if it's an individual setting which is causing problems on Siri or a combination of settings, but I thought I'd let you all know that changing my settings to how (I think) I had it before has resolved it.

    I'm running iOS 13.3.1 on an iPhone 6s with a Sena SMH-5FM. 

    Hopefully this will help resolve the Siri issue on other iPhones and Sena Headsets too.

    Please let me know how you get on, and please let us know if there's definitely a setting on the iPhone which is the culprit.



  • Chee-Chiu Lee
    Chee-Chiu Lee

    ps I've noticed Siri no longer gives an acknowledgement beep when the button is pressed on the headset, you just speak after pressing the button after a second or so.

  • David Air
    David Air

    Hey folks, I'd like to confirm that Chee-Chiu Lee suggestion worked for me as well. I have turned off the following under "Siri & Search":

    - Suggestions in Search

    - Suggestions in Look Up

    - Suggestions on Lock Screen

    After rebooting my phone, I can once again use voice commands when pressing the phone button (although the sound is kind of garbled)

    I have an iPhone XS running iOS 13.3.1 and Sena SMH 10 with the latest firmware (v5.1.2).

  • Greg Jarvis
    Greg Jarvis

    siri and search changes make zero difference

    I guess I just need to resign myself to the fact Sena has abandoned support for the SMH10.

    sad thing is they won't even admit it... nothing but silence

  • Greg Jarvis
    Greg Jarvis

    of course they did update the firmware for the 10c stating "support for iOS 13"

    so they do know they need to update firmware.


    why is it so freaking hard to get an answer?


  • RoadGlide

    Greg Jarvis It appears Sena can't be trusted to support its products. 20S and 30K users like myself have all been waiting for Sena to address problems with iOS13, and it looks like it's never going to happen. Their products might work flawlessly with Android phones IDK, but there should be a warning for iPhone users that iPhones aren't compatible with Sena products. 

  • Sena Support
    Sena Support

    Hello everyone. We want to let all of you know that we have been monitoring this thread and have been working with our developers on providing a solution to this problem with Sir. However, our developers were not able to experience the same problem with Siri when testing the same headsets that are mentioned in this thread. Since the problem with Siri was not occurring for them then they are not going to proceed forward in creating a firmware update for all of our products. The firmware that we did provide that was for improving the support for iOS 13 was released because there was an issue between all of our Bluetooth 4.1 products and our smartphone apps. With the release of iOS 13, Apple made a change in their policy regarding BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) which affected how our products connected to all of our smartphone apps.


    The issue that everyone is experiencing on this thread with Siri is not limited to Sena products. Customers who are using other motorcycle Bluetooth headsets out in the market are having the same issue. It's not even limited to motorcycle Bluetooth headsets because there is a thread on Apples forums where an iPhone user states that they are experiencing the same problem on their 2019 Nissan Frontier. The consensus by the members on Apple's thread is that this is an iOS bug indicating something that we mentioned before where this problem didn't exist with iOS 12 but is now happening with iOS 13. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250659985

    We recommend contacting Apples Customer Support department and notify them that Siri is not operating properly when used with a Bluetooth headset since the release of iOS 13. With that said, here are some steps that have been found that may help alleviate the problem: 

    1. Delete all the pairings from the Sena headset through the Configuration Menu. 
    2. Delete the pairing of the Sena headset from the iPhone ("Forget this device“). 
    3. Restart the iPhone to make sure the pairing is fully deleted (requires PIN code). 
    4. Finally, once the iPhone restarted, pair the headset and the phone again using Mobile Phone Pairing. 


    As for Harley-Davidson branded Boom! Audio Bluetooth headsets, the firmware update that improves the support of our apps on iOS 13 are now available. Please use the Harley-Davidson Bluetooth Device Manager to update the firmware on your headsets.

  • David

    Ken Kamari posted this:

    Maybe try this - new article :  https://www.ikream.com/how-to-fix-bluetooth-that-is-not-working-on-your-iphone-after-ios-13-update-34020.

    I have an old SMH5, and like others, I've been experiencing headaches with it ever since updating my iPhone (256G iPhone 7) to iOS 13.

    I followed the steps in this article, and nothing worked UNTIL I reset my network settings. Not even sure why that would work...but it did for me. Now my Sena recognizes my voice commands again, every time - no problem!

    Hope this helps others.

  • David Air
    David Air

    To @Sena Marketing's point, Apple did manage to break a lot of older Bluetooth devices with iOS 13. One example is the Parrot Asteroid car stereo that started dropping audio - https://discussions.apple.com/thread/250163957. I have reached out to both Apple and Parrot and both claimed it was not going to be supported, but then Apple quietly fixed the issue in iOS 13.2.

    Bottom line - do use Apple forums and/or direct support to report your issue - they might actually fix things (I feel they tend to under-promise and over-deliver - they might tell you they won't supported older devices but then still sneak in a fix, just sayin').

  • njsunderland

    A follow up note for those who still have issues (I had bought a new 20S Evo thinking it would fix thing, it did not): I never did resolve the problem fully, where I press the phone button, Siri does beep but does not recognize any voice commands. My only solution is to turn off and turn on my iPhone, and then when the phone button is pressed, Siri is recognized when I speak. So something “resets” when doing a power cycle, which eventually “unresets” because the next day or so when I’m on the bike, same problem occurs of Siri beeping but not hearing voice commands.

    So since all my other Bluetooth other devices work perfectly with Siri, and it seems Sena’s competition works (granted I haven’t checked all the forums yet), somehow the Sena mic seems to mute itself or not activate correctly when the phone is in a certain “state“, but works well when the phone is powered cycle and is in a different state. To me, this seems to be a firmware issue where the Sena should activate everything correctly whatever “state” the phone is in. So I’m waiting to see if iOS 14 magically fixes everything, and if not I’m bailing on Sena.





  • Roberthp

    I switched to Cardo. Problem solved.

  • Luca M.
    Luca M.

    Hi everybody,

    Good news ...

    Since I've installed iOS 14 on my iPhone 11 Pro, my Sena SMH5 ha started working properly again. 

    At this point, I think that the compatibility problem that many encountered was mainly due to iOS 13. At least in my case, my problems started with the installation of iOS 13.

    In my opinion, this does not reduce the responsibilities of Sena. As matter of fact, Sena should have made more efforts to understand the source of the problem and solve it. Especially because there were so many of us (their guests) to report it.

    Best regards



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