SENA Forgetting is Older Riders

Please look into modifying the new Harley bluetooth to replace the older SM10. Please remember there are "thousands and thousands" of us still riding older bikes that do not have streaming capabilities.

Please don't forget about us the older riders who are faithful with our old bikes still need you communication gear to bring us in the 2019.  We do not have build in "bluetooth", we have new Phones like Note 10 and Iphone XI but  we need to be able to stream to our helmet communicators via bluetooth for listening to our radar detectors and Spotify from our new phones.

The SM10 is a solid device and it could have been replaced or updated with a few changes when SENA deployed the FREEWIRE.  The SM10 allowed me to connect not only my bikes entertainment system but connection for a audio cable to hear my Radar Detector in my helmet.

Don't lose the faithful because we are getting old.

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