Request - 10C Evo - Add ability to turn down contrast and saturation

Much like the 10C Pro, the contrast and saturation setting of the 10C Evo is much too high. This results in very poor dynamic range - the clouds and sky blow out to pure white and shadows are completely black. There is no way for the user to override this which is a real shame.


I would dearly love for there to be contrast and saturation settings, ideally 'Neutral' vs 'vivid' modes in the app. This would drastically improve the image quality - I'm impressed by the level of detail captured but dynamic range is poorer than it needs to be due to these bad default settings.


Also the lens on the 10C Evo has severe light falloff away from the centre, ideally the camera should correct for this - it's been standard on Micro 4/3 cameras for a decade. Could we add this a feature?

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