SMH120/Zumo595/iPhone 6 playing together


I have an issue that you may have some thoughts or experience on.

I have a Sena SMH-10. I just picked up a Garmin Zumo 595 and I have an iPhone 6.

I have the Sena paired to the Zumo, and the Zumo paired to the iPhone. I'd like to do it this way so calls show up on the Zumo and I know if it's my wife calling or someone from work (the latter get rejected of course). I can also place a call just by pulling over and punching it into the Zumo with my gloves on, rather than having to remove my gloves, fish the iPhone out of my pocket and do it that way.

Media from the phone through the Zumo to the Sena works fine. The problem is phone calls. I can make a call through the Zumo interface, but the audio does not work in the Sena. Specifically, the called party can hear me but I can't hear them.

All three devices have been updated and reset. Sena is not paired directly to the iPhone.

Any thoughts?


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