+MESH allowed to pair with any brand of intercom through standard HFP/HSP profile

It is absolutely impossible for everyone in a larger group of bikers to have intercoms from the same brand. I am the only one from the party who bought the SRL2 intercom from SENA for my SHOEI helmet. Someone has an intercom from Cardo Scala, but most intercoms in my country have bikers from the Interphone brand. Scala has MESH technology in some intercoms, but it is not interoperable with MESH from SENA. Interphone has no MESH yet. Please enable +MESH pairing to any intercom and show all bikers the world of MESH topology and its benefits. Connect all brands to SENA MESH. As a result, you will have more potential customers when they ever change the intercom. Now they wouldn't buy a new intercom, but +MESH maybe yes, if another 10-20 bikers in their party did also, so they could talk together. Sena RideConnected app is also locked for Sena intercom only. I understand that, but you understand that it is impossible to agree on the same brand with a larger group of people. Thank You!

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