10C Evo arborist helmet mounting


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  • Lauryn Sheehan
    Lauryn Sheehan

    Previously owned Sena 10S - amazing device, to be honest. Decided to upgrade to 50S, set up everything, and here's my biggest let-down about the device - audio quality is NOT better than my previous 10S. To be more specific, it is actually worse. So the 'improved' HD speakers are really not worth it - I DO NOT RECOMMEND upgrading now until it gets fixed. I honestly wanted to return it, but my old 10S - sold already.

    I did some further research about the issue:

    I have upgraded FW to the latest, 1.0.2. When phone (Huawei P30 PRO) is connected via BT, and volume is set to loudest, you can hear 'farting' sounds when bass is more intense in the song. Same goes for trebble - 'farting' sound on high volume. Update Madalin Stunt Cars 2 full version.


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