10C EVO Audio Recording Options


The original generation of Sena 10C has, within the utility's basic options, the options to allow users to record only audio from the mic or then choose what else to record, such as intercom, phone, and music.  Often I am riding with others, recording the group ride for fun, but they do not want their voice on the recording. That's great and fine, except that on the 10C EVO, everything is recorded all the time and there is no option to turn off intercom or music recording. Not having this in the settings, for users to decide, is a step backwards. It also could pose grave legal consequences to your users.

Can a future firmware upgrade include this into either the camera app or the utility app? For the 10C it is part of the utility app, but since the camera options are now in the camera app, having it there would be fine as well.  

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