R1-EVO Feature request (Musc Share/Audio Multitasking/Audio overlay)

This is a re-post of a comment on a "General Discussion" post. It seems like feature Requests and Suggestions is really the right place for it.

I bought three R1-EVOs on 10/14/2020, one for each rider in the family, and I went with the R1-EVO for the mesh 2.0 features for larger group rides. Unfortunately, at this point I don't think I can actually recommend the R1-EVO to the people I go on larger group rides with, though if it had at least Audio Multi-tasking or Audio Overlay I would readily recommend it.

Without at least Audio multi-tasking/Audio overlay if I want to listen to music I have to disconnect from the mesh intercom, and for another rider to talk to me they have to call me (or if they are the lead rider they can stop and wait for me to suggest I switch back to intercom instead of music). I can get this exact functionality (meaning listening to music and only being able to talk via a phone call, plus being able to hear ambient sounds for safety) using an open-ear (bone conduction) bluetooth headset and a generic helmet. And those generic helmets actually give me personally a better fit (the largest R1-EVO is just a little more snug front-to-back than I prefer, but luckily not enough to induce a headache on even a long ride). Considering music can significantly improve endurance at the same pace, it seems one of these features would easily be as big a selling point for a cycling helmet as for the motorcycle helmets. There are mesh 2.0 motorcycle helmets (30X and Momentum EVO) which support Audio Multi-tasking, so it seems at least POSSIBLE that the hardware of the R1-EVO could support that feature with a firmware update. I can totally understand going with audio multitasking instead of music share on the "open" mesh intercom of the Mesh 2.0 (with a large group ride different music tastes are quite possible to cause a conflict), but to not do at LEAST audio multi-tasking seems like a complete missed opportunity.

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