Feature Requests and Suggestions...

I suggest to Sena to start by not losing sight of the fact that we buy intercoms ... mainly to communicate between bikers!

Those present in the Sena catalog are less and less ergonomic in terms of configuration !!! It takes less than a minute to pair a phone or a GPS on an intercom ... on the other hand, pairing 2 intercoms is an obstacle course if the two models are different !!!

Detection between devices is difficult (I had to do it almost 15 times to pair a Sena-Schuberth SC01 with an SMH5! Yet 2 new devices!) But in addition you have to go through a crazy combination of keys !

Hey Mr Sena, I bought an intercom !!! it is the pairing between intercoms which should be the simplest !!!

Regarding applications on smartphone ... that are not applications but disaster ... if I were the boss I would have already fired everyone!!!

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