30k mesh failure plus keeps beeping

Just before i did the last update 3.1.1 i was having trouble connecting to and hearing anything over mesh. so thinking this was just an update issue i done that but still nothing. It turns on fine and connects my phone as it should, i can take phone calls and listen to music ok and i can even pair to another sena and talk that way but when i try to use the mesh function it says "mesh on" and thats it. not open mesh or what channel its connected to. just mesh on. 

i have tried full factory reset via my pc and ive tried fault reset on the rear of the unit. nothing seems to work, am i missing something or is the unit knackered.

ontop of the mesh fault the unit has also started beeping repeatedly through the speakers even if turned off. you can turn down the volume of the beep but cant stop it. is this fault linked to the mesh fault or are they seperate  any help with this will be greatly appriciated


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