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I bought a SENA 10C EVO earlier this year. It has stopped working after less than a dozen use. It won't open and it won't charge!
I have contacted SENA’s technical support and exchanged several emails with them over the last 3 weeks with no resolution (Fix or Exchange) so far or explanation for the slow progress.
I consider myself a valuable customer after having purchased several SENA products over the past 10 years (2x SENA 10S, 2x SENA 20S and 1x SRL for my Neotech 2 helmet) and was pleased with the products. Sadly, my experience with the 10C EVO has not been good and their Technical Support has not been helpful at all.
My conclusion is that the 10C EVO is not reliable and SENA is not interested in their customer’s satisfaction.
Has anyone else had bad experience with the 10C EVO and/or SENA’s customer service?

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