Schuberth SC1 and Siri

I purchased a Schuberth helmet and a Schuberth SC1 intercom which equals the Sena 10U. The purpose was not to use it as intercom, but for music, phone navigation and phonecalls. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who doesn't use it as an intercom.

After 1 months of using it, with the critical eye of an IT engineer working as a digitalization manager, I can say that following things are missing:

- first of all, the ios app screen proportion is still for the old iphones. And updated once per year. Come on, you can do better...

- Siri can be invoked only by...chance. Press the central button of the RC4 remote control for 5 seconds and maybe Siri answers. Or maybe you get intercom pairing. Makes me wonder why the button actions cannot be programmed in the app? And maybe even intercom disabled in the app as an option, to totally avoid getting intercom-related wrong taps for those who never use intercom. Having programmable button actions would be a great addon. And focusing more on Siri (and Hello Google of course) would be also certainly useful for many users for a real handsfree use of all phone's functions.

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