R2 EVO Bluetooth Input Priority feature needed

There is no option or feature to permit changing bluetooth input priority.  I use the Garmin 1030+ bike computer and it sends voice notifications for power, heart rate, speed etc.  At the same time I like to listen to the Helmet FM Radio however when using FM radio, Garmin notifications don't get through since FM Radio has a higher priority than Music.  I have had to stop using FM Radio and use Spotify or Music from my iPhone feeding into R2 EVO and Garmin Notifications are able to override it, giving me best of both world however has rendered the R2 EVO FM radio feature useless. 

Please provide a feature where we can change Bluetooth Input priority or at least between FM Radio and Music; this a safety feature since notifications are clearly important especially when biking for example when one may need to reduce exertion or stress levels which are being conveyed by the bike computer

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