30k Power Issues

My 30k started acting weird abruptly, going from battery lasting many hours. To the unit not powering on the next day.

If i connect the power the unit will power on, and stay on, however it will complain about battery level being low. (the blue led for the status, is very faint). If i unplug the power, the unit shuts down instantly with no prompt.


If i connect the power, switch the unit on, then switch to mesh mode, The unit works flawlessly ( green status led is bright ). I can remove power, and unit will keep working, perfectly. I can even press the intercom button, and it will work on bluetooth intercom, though the mesh prompt will be there every 60s.

However if i switch mesh mode off, the unit will instantly power off, unless connected to power.


It's like it has a short, only when mesh mode is off.


Any one has any idea about this ?

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