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SMH5: phone only pairs in 'media mode' and audio sounds tinny/staticy
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50S problems
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Siri doesn't hear me - spins
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Sena 10C delayed video
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Please explain Audio Multitasking
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How long does it take for Sena to answer a trouble ticket?
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Device Manager and OS X Maverick
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SMH10R, SM10, iPhone
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Android 4.2.1 (Galaxy S3) voice dialing not working
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weird shutting off issue while playing music through phone (smh10)
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Voice commands to Droid
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50S Battery life issues
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30K mesh is terrible
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Problem with new 10C
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10C Microphone Issues
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sena 10u
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20S music and prism audio recording
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How can I disable the voice prompt "intercom connection failed please try again"
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Galaxy S5 won't work as phone
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A2DP Audio Dropout
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2 days and support isn't responding... so I'm posting it here....
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Can I use a navigation app voice turn by turn with the Sena
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Sena 10c won't update or record
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How do I register my Dual 20S Sena
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10c max memory 32gb?
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How to install Sena 20s clamp in a Bell Bullitt Helmet?
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How do I change the email address for my registered unit?
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Ongoing Issues with 20s and NO response from Tech Support!
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