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Combination speaker/earphone baseplate? In evidenza
79 voti 207 commenti
The ability to conference in the passenger for listening to music or phone conferencing
42 voti 35 commenti
Caller announce
39 voti 18 commenti
Make it possible to connect to Cardo Scala Rider headsets
33 voti 102 commenti
Feature request: auto turn-off after no bluetooth for 5 mins
29 voti 10 commenti
Revise battery level reporting and Low Battery Warning
28 voti 37 commenti
allow audio source priority to be changed by the user
26 voti 18 commenti
Please provide a SMH10 Manager for Linux
25 voti 40 commenti
more volume would be nice.
25 voti 117 commenti
Sena 10C Cam Constant Loop Record Feature (Dash Camera)
21 voti 29 commenti
Why no Windows app?
19 voti 17 commenti
Allow the user the option to keep A2DP stream active during SR10 Audio mixing
18 voti 21 commenti
Turn off the main, blinking LED during normal operation
18 voti 36 commenti
20s - suppress radio frequency announcement
17 voti 27 commenti
17 voti 59 commenti
Remove "Beeps"
16 voti 14 commenti
New Feature Request: Configurable Device Prioritization and Multiple A2DP devices
16 voti 16 commenti
Add Sidetone for Intercom and Phone Conversations
16 voti 73 commenti
Would love to see a Goldwing factory audio/CB interface!
16 voti 92 commenti
10C Improvements
15 voti 27 commenti
Automatic volume adjustment
15 voti 11 commenti
Pressing Jog dial to Mute Mic during Cell Phone Use
15 voti 24 commenti
SR10 Stereo audio option
15 voti 17 commenti
Priority Selection
14 voti 12 commenti
SM10: Automatically turn on/off with external power (ignore battery)
14 voti 50 commenti
Better speakers / more volume with SMH10
14 voti 8 commenti
add FM radio to SMH10 and remote control on handle bar
14 voti 19 commenti
SMH10 microphone audio level settings
13 voti 33 commenti