Do you have a feature that you would like to be added to a Sena product? Do you have a suggestion for something that is not currently available on a Sena product? Make a topic in this thread and we will check it out.

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Wire for BMW K1200LT Nerveroot 2 commenti 2 voti Nessuno
Sensitivity control for intercom VOX Phil Housley 11 commenti 5 voti Nessuno
Equalizer Feature Chris 3 commenti 2 voti Nessuno
Balance Control Chris 6 commenti 8 voti Nessuno
External microphone for earplug headphone use. Shane Baird 4 commenti 2 voti Nessuno
Auto volume adjustment based on noise level Brian Wallis 3 commenti 2 voti Nessuno
Please make it possible to store the pairing to more than 3 SMH10s Stephan Seitz 4 commenti 5 voti Nessuno
Please add the possibility to manage connection IDs in the Windows (Mac) client Stephan Seitz 1 commento 3 voti Nessuno
Please add automatic re-chaining in conference Stephan Seitz 1 commento 3 voti Nessuno
Develop a fitment system / addition of the speaker microphone clamp unit for adventure riding with a neck brace Malcolm Burrows 3 commenti 2 voti Nessuno
Fix the Garmin Pairing glitch!!! Silverxrider 3 commenti 1 voto Nessuno
Your website is broken Tomdeboni 4 commenti 0 voti Nessuno
Hi-fi quality stereo by supporting APT-X over bluetooth Richard Motorbikes 5 commenti 6 voti Nessuno
Master volume control Peter 2 commenti 8 voti Nessuno
Automatic volume adjustment Peter 11 commenti 15 voti Nessuno
Please add intercom VOX re-enable Peter 6 commenti 4 voti Nessuno
How About Programming Via Software Manager? Otrp1 2 commenti 8 voti Nessuno
SMH5 multipoint pairing to connect with 2 phones at once Richard Motorbikes 9 commenti 0 voti Nessuno
Notification to pillion of interuption of communication Malcolm Nicholson 7 commenti 6 voti Nessuno
SMH10 should control device functions remotely and needs noise cancelling for the mic. Sandra Fleming 1 commento 0 voti Nessuno
remote/wireless or voice activated command/controls David Blow 1 commento 0 voti Nessuno
A small, durable travel case for the SPH10 David Blow 3 commenti 1 voto Nessuno
some way to stiffen the jog dial or "lock" the volume Randy Leonard 8 commenti 2 voti Nessuno
Droid app for options and updates RBEmerson 1 commento 0 voti Nessuno
SMH5 headset connector to main unit Mike 12 commenti 2 voti Nessuno
Blank cover plate when BT unit is not in place Al Olsen 2 commenti 1 voto Nessuno
Delay When Receiving Incoming 2-way Radio Transmission Steven Boyle 7 commenti 4 voti Nessuno
Auto Intercom pairing authorized by pre-shared token Rusty Allen 0 commenti 0 voti Nessuno
Bigger mic support on smh10 device Pedro José Lopes 1 commento 0 voti Nessuno
Allow the user the option to keep A2DP stream active during SR10 Audio mixing Dan Heming 21 commenti 18 voti Nessuno