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  • return of FM on 20s evo and 30K?

    will Sena be bringing back FM on 20s evo and 30K?  It was removed due to supply chain issues, I think in Jan 2022.  I was hoping it would return.

  • 30K vs 50S

    so now that Sena gave the 30K the HD speakers and Mesh 2.0, what are the differences?  They did do away with FM on the 30K, so I know that is now a difference, but don't see much else?

  • 20s Evo-01 vs 20s Evo-10 vs 20s evo-11

    What are differences?   I think between the 10 and the 11  they removed the FM radio.  But what is difference between 01 and 10?  I wanted FM so I was looking for a 10.  Don't see those available. ...

  • dual A2DP for SMH-10?

    This was asked for a while ago, mainly due to issues when trying to use Garmin 660/665 GPS.  I see it was added to the 20S.  Can it be added to SMH-10 and what about 10C?

  • Let SMH-10 have 2 A2DP pairings at same time

    I have a garmin zumo 665, a smartphone, and SMH-10B.     I like to listen to A2DP sources from my phone including pandora, mp3 from media player, slingbox, and have been experimenting with FM radio...