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  • 30K Mesh needs to be turned on and off.

    So I noticed that the Mesh has a lot of problems, Expecelly in the City.  We can be talking and be decently close to each other, and then all of the sudden, I can't hear the person well.  choppy an...

  • Sena 30K v1.1?

    I just downloaded the new Sena App today, and I noticed it said in the "Whats New" says +Support Sena 30K v1.1   Is this a new firmware, did they just give up and make new hardware?  If they made a...

  • double beep when in Mesh mode.

    so when we were riding in a larger group in public mesh mode it seemed that randomly there was this double beep.  not sure why, but a few people reported it.  Is there something the Sena 30k is tel...

  • Pairing 2 SMH10's, and 20s's

    I have 2 friends that have SMH10's and my close friend and myself have 20s's. our 20s's are already paird.    I was able to get 1 20S to pair with the smh10, and when that was done, we were all abl...

  • OK Sena does not work when music is playing

    For some reason when Music is playing I can't get "OK Sena" to work.  is this be default?  if so it makes it hard because I can't stop music without hitting a button (witch is 2 seconds and makes t...