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  • One headset keeps stopping working

    Hi there. I've noticed that every so often, one of the headsets (the right one) in my helmet stops working. I've found that if I wiggle the SMH10 unit it sometimes comes back to life. Upon removing...

  • SR10 with dual bluetooth?

    Hi there. i've currently got a SR10 stereo set that lets both rider and pillion both listen to the same thing. However, i also have a 2 way radio that i want to connect. Can I use the SR10 stereo u...

  • Does anyone know what lead works with a Wouxun ?

    Hi there. I've heard that the Kenwood interface lead works for the Wouxon 2 way radio's with the SR10. Is this the case? If not, does anyone know which is the unofficially compatible lead for it?  ...