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  • Freewire losing power

    Damn.  I had to replace my freewire in Feb because the mic didn't work while using it.   A couple months ago I got a new bike, 2014 Harley, and did the same setup, y cable under the seat with one p...

  • 20s Volume way too low

    Background:  I've been using the 20S for a few months happily with a 2013 Ultra.  Put about 10,000 miles on it with CB, XM, intercom, etc.  I wear NRR 33 earplugs every time I ride beyond the parki...

  • Battery level on boot

    It would be great if the whole Sena line of helmet commo would state battery level on each boot. At least make it as an option and have it off by default so those of us who would like it can turn t...

  • Freewire Auto On/Off

    There's a blurb in the manual that the Freewire will turn on and off with the ignition when plugged into the lighter outlet.  So far as I can tell, this is not true. I've tried it with the Freewire...

  • Freewire transmit quit working last update

    2013 Harley Ultra I got the freewire for exactly what it's made for, to not have to plug into the bike to use the sound system. I put a Y harness in under the seat so I could use a plug in helmet o...

  • Harley cable and clamp cover adapter

    I bought the 20S clamp kit for Harley with CB. Love this thing and it does pretty much exactly what I want.  There are a few issues or requests I have, though. After forgetting to turn on my 20S, I...

  • Permanent and hidden mounting please

    I was all happy to hear about the Freewire coming out and was intrigued with the SM-10 idea.  Well until I looked into them.  Just another expensive piece of equipment either hanging off the handle...