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  • 20S vs 20S EVO Volume

    I just bought a new EVO to replace a 20S I've had for a few years. The max volume of the EVO is quite a bit lower than the old 20S to the extent that I can't hear music plainly over it with earplug...

  • 30K Volume Issues

    The 30K with audio boost enabled seems to be about 15-20% lower in volume as compared to my 20S. With earplugs in I can just barely make it out. This was the same issue we endured with the SMH5 and...

  • 20S > SMH10 Intercom Problem

    Today I rode with my friend who is still running his SMH10 till I tell him the 20S is good to go. We paired them and spoke most of the day. I'm also paired to a Garmin/BMW Nav V which is the same a...